Davao Trip

It was a really great experience to travel again, and of course a great way for me to bond with my family. Actually, the real reason why we went to Davao was because of the National Youth Camp that me and my brother attended to. That was also the reason why weren’t able to really travel in Davao. Hopefully next time, we could get back to Davao!


The camp was held at the Hope Mountain and from there you can see the Mt. Apo which is known as the tallest mountain here in the Philippines. 


After the camp, we went to the Japanese Tunnel, which I must say is a very interesting place and I suggest that spot if you are planning to go to Davao. It has an entrance fee that costs 50php.


Lastly, we went to Jack Ridge’s in where you can see the top sight of Davao City and it was great. Ahhh, it feels good to be able to relax with my family.


It was even more captivating at night..


As a tourist of Davao City, I can say that I really liked that place and I was amazed by how disciplined people are. I even thought of becoming a citizen of Davao haha! And Bisayan people are so cute with their accent.

I also made a vlog about our trip to Davao but the quality sucks but click here if you are interested hah.


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