Beauty vs. Personality

There really are those days in our lives where we face too much downfall. It breaks us to the point that it’s hard to rise up. It’s even harder to pull the things together because you are lost. You have no idea how to fix everything so you just wanted to escape.

It sucks when the person you love have been in awe of someone. The worst thing you could think of is he has been in awe of that girl who is less attractive than you-or so you thought. Because even if your mom or your best friends or even if majority of the people believe that you are better than her, and you become so caught up with all the hate, pain, emotions, and insecurity, you try to rely on their words and believe that she is no better than you. You think it would make you happy but at the end of the day, that’s not what your partner thinks. Why?

It is because beauty is fleeting. You might be better than her in all the ways but she probably have a kinder heart than you and that’s probably what makes him think she’s beautiful, that’s probably what snatched his heart. IT SUCKS I KNOW. Because you know you are also a kind person, but because he have seen your worst he thinks someone is more beautiful than you. (The thing is, I have seen his worst but I never did try to find someone else who’s kinder than him.) Beauty is fleeting as what it is said. You cannot escape from that fact anymore, you are left alone there. But that’s not the end. Today, I am declaring that I am completely letting go everything, it’s hard because at the end of the day, I only got my back after all. It will be hard, but I have to try. I need to try. I was left here to face this trials alone.

I believe jealousy and insecurity is not a good thing. It eats up until you are not yourself anymore. But to fully fight these unnecessary toxic in our life I listed out a few things to follow as I journey on letting go:

  1. Forgive. Forgive not just them who hurt you but forgive yourself the most because you wouldn’t be able to move forward if you blame yourself for everything that happened.
  2. Accept. Accept everything. Even though it hurts, but you have to. Accept the fact that beauty is not the basis of it, but personality is. That’s a good start, by doing that you will be able to compose yourself. Accept that it happened.
  3. Be the kindest person. I know it is difficult but as what is it said in the song, “kill them with kindness.”
  4. Stop stalking and focus on yourself. You don’t have to see what’s going on in their life anymore, especially that girl you’re insecure about. FOCUS ON YOURSELF, GIRL.
  5. Do not compete. Really, you don’t have to. We are all unique in all our ways, even though you hated her, even though everyone agrees with you that she’s no better than you, but beauty is in the eyes of the beholder. You cannot change the fact that she’s so beautiful in his eyes.
  6. Stop the fuss. Forget her. She’s eating you up, the insecurity you up. There are more important matters than her, por favor.
  7. Be independent. You don’t have to rely to anyone else, you got yourself. And your mom, and your best friends.
  8. Focus on your character. As what I have said, beauty is not the basis, it is just an asset but personality is the most important thing.
  9. WHATEVER IT IS, YOU ARE ENOUGH. He might have not seen it, she’s probably the more beautiful in his eyes, but that doesn’t really make you unworthy. Because you were able to live this life without them, and you are enough. You are enough, always remind yourself that. It is not your fault. Remember that.

It’s okay to hate and be mad and all but let it go. You wouldn’t want it to stop you from growing. This will be your stepping stone to become a better person. You are not in competition with anyone. YOU are in a competition with yourself. After all, if you have the smoothest personality, it will only add to your beauty. Therefore, rise up and let go and be better.


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