2017 Adventures: La Union (ThunderBird, Resort)

Hola! Que un buen dia. Today, I will be showing you guys the continuation of our 2017 travels. Vamos!

After our  trip to Baler, we went straight to La Union which was hours away from Baler. Honestly, for me, La Union is way better than Baler. MY, IT WAS TRULY AN AMAZING PLACE TO CHILL. EVERY PLACE IS A COSY PLACE.


Look at how pleasing the place is to the eyes.


What’s also good about this resort is the infinity pool and the view of the ocean.IMG20170606080244IMG20170606080248IMG20170606082553IMG20170606082617IMG20170606082855IMG20170606082900IMG20170606083210IMG20170606083927IMG20170606083954IMG20170606084148IMG20170606084341IMG20170606184728IMG20170606185447IMG20170607071407IMG20170607071540

Truly, this is a must-place to go and travel to. Everything about this place is so relaxing and best to enjoy it with the family.

Till our next trip!!!


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