Keep on Loving

I don’t know when I am going to reach my limit but for me, no matter how much it hurts, no matter how many times it falls apart, just keep on loving. You might actually think that you are making yourself look foolish but no. At least you showed to those certain people how much you love them.

If you were rude to some, change it and be kind. Have a kind heart. It doesn’t matter if they do not return your good deeds. What matters is you lived this life full of love, joy, peace and care. You might get pain from some of them but in the end, doing these things will give you joy in your heart. Trust me, you do.

Let’s live a positive life and keep away from being negative. Besides, we never know until when is our last breathe.

The guilt will burn them out because they didn’t appreciate you while you’re still with them. It’s never too late. Just keep on loving.


Pain in love

I don’t know why we still remain, still fighting for it even though it keeps on hurting us. Why can’t we just give up? It’s easy to say but truthfully it’s really hard to let go. Because even though it hurts, it is still the one who makes us alive, happy. The reason why we’re motivated each day knowing someone’s waiting for you. Every day we try more and more on showing how much we care for that person. But it hurts that sometimes it feels like every thing you do isn’t appreciated. Every efforts you give are wasted just because of stupid nonsense things.

But maybe, pain really demands to be felt when you love. For me, it shows how much or how big your love is.

We can never feel pain if we never love deeply and truly.